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Top 10 Protagonists in video games (#10-9) :iconspyrofan2401:Spyrofan2401 0 0
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A Preview of A small project I'm working on.......
So, It's been a while since I've made any art, but I'm making a small fan art project based on "Bendy and The Ink Machine". The drawing's not going to be the only thing when I'm done with this. The reason why I'm doing this is to create something on paper and post it, and well, I like the game itself. So I could use some comments to know how I'm doing so far.

(Also sorry for the poor photo quality, I'm posting this from a phone...)

"Bendy and The Ink Machine" belongs to TheMeatly Games.

Day 2 of the Nintendo switch, and everywhere I look, It's sold out....

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Well, I know that I don't make Top 10 lists or anything like that, but I've spend most of my time these days playing video games, from stealth to sandboxes, That's what I mainly do. Now to settle some inactivity and doing something related to Dead rising, I'm making my top 10 Protagonists in gaming. i would do Favorite games, But there are many that I play on a basis. So I'm mainly doing this because....I'm bored! But here's some quick rules:

1. I Can only do two protagonists in a main series, Not company, So If I want to do some protagonists from dead rising, I can still do A game from street fighter or mega man or other Capcom games.

2. Modern Version protagonists and classic version protagonists, are different characters in my eyes. An example of this would be that Modern Sonic and Classic sonic (Case:Sonic Generation) Would both be able to go on the list. Another would be TLoS Spyro And StD Spyro (the Dragon), Or Dead rising 1 Frank West And Dead rising 4 Frank West. You can get the idea by now.

3. The protagonist MUST be from games I've played. basically No Elder Scrolls, GTA (Exept For 4 and 5), Call Of duty, Mass Effect, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, And any other games like that. (I might make a Revised version of this list in the future if I play any of these games. Also....No Classic Spyro. I was introduced by TLoS. (But It Is On my bucket list!)
4.I am Counting Dlc Extra Stories as well, Such as Dishonored Dlc, and Dead rising 3 Dlc. No more explanation

5.IT'S JUST MY OWN OPINION. This is not an indefinite version of all video game protagonists ever, it's my own opinion. If one of your favorites are not on this list, I'm sorry, but respect my opinion, I'll respect yours.

Well, There's no reason to waste anymore time! ON WITH THE LIST!

Corvo Attano-Dishonored

Alright, Dishonored, Time to start with a stealth game! But seriously, even though Corvo is only at number 10, I have some serious Respect. Some Background On the game is that you are Corvo Attano, A former Body guard for the Empress of Dunwall, coming back from other towns 2 days early. Dunwall is currently having a problem with a plague of rats which are literally eating people alive and turning some of them into zombie-like creatures known as weepers. The empress alongside her young daughter, Find out the news that the other civilizations are planning blockade Dunwall out leaving them to rot until it has turned into a death pit. However, After the news The empress and princess are attacked by a group of assassins which Corvo must defeat to protect the empress, being a body guard and all. However, after corvo having "defeated" A few assassins, A high ranked one appears, and keeps Corvo in place and kills the empress and kidnaps Princess Emily. A Few Moments after the incident Corvo With the dead empress in His arms Is Framed and Sent to be executed in a few months. by the second in command. The Rest of the game is trying to stop the real villains and clearing corvo's name. The Gameplay is Kind of a mix of metal gear solid and assassin's creed. The game play, Ending, and even Story is affected by the number of people you kill, or Affected by your "chaos Level" affected whether you sneak around and Non-Lethal ways to take down your opponents, or simply assassinate them. However, No matter what way you choose Corvo just keeps the "get work done" emotion all the way. And Even Killing a thousand man to keep a Princess safe, that's something that i can respect. Kind of. Not that I Justify, But something that I can respect. 

Number9: Chuck Greene -Dead Rising 2

Okay, Time to go into a favorite Game series of mine, DEAD RISING. So I'll give of the Main Summary of Chuck Greene and Dead Rising 2. It's Five Years after the original Dead Rising,And a few years before thre was a zombie infection In las vegas. And so There was a backup city Known as Fortune City, mainly for a Replacement. Then we Begin off with a Halfway Retired Motorcycle stunt man, Chuck Greene, Preparing for a show. With his Infected daughter Katey Ann Greene. Don't worry, Katey Takes A drug known as Zombrex in this version of our world which has been improved so far to last 24 hours at a time, Which she needs Between 7:00am and 8:00am Every day. Zombrex Keeps the infected user from turning into a zombie for a period of time. Chuck Greene Would Kill to keep his daughter safe, (He has before, in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, A prequel story) So Chuck Greene has enters a show to earn money for his daughter's Zombrex. What Is This Show Exactly? TIR: Terror Is Reality, A game show which is conversational as all heck, violent, risky, and the main thing is to kill zombies for Money. TIR Is ran by Tyrone King, Or mainly Known as T.K. And Co. owners The Twins (or Amber and Crystal Bailey For their real names) Which I Quote" TK's Twin Hostess For the game Show. They provide some Nice eye-candy, and some taunting for the contestants" The Opening minutes are mainly a mini game where you ride a motorcycle with chainsaws attached on the sides, killing as many zombies and trying to collect the most points out of the Other three AI contestants. it's not required to win it, but it can be helpful, earning the most money. However, The twins Still mock Chuck anyways even if he did win the contest. After the competition, Chuck Goes down the elevator to get Katey. however, midway down, He is knocked out by a sudden crash, and when he wakes up, a zombie apocalypse has started! there's nothing you can do to save any survivors, all you can do is watch everyone die, Grab katey and get the Heck out of there! Chuck gets to the safe house just in time before it shut it's barricaded doors, and after a few more cuteness, The real game starts. You could follow tasks or do whatever you want until the military comes in 72 hours (6 hours of game play). So, your first main task, is to find Katey some some Zombrex, because you're dun all out, and her next dose is needed in a few hours. Now, I'm Not going to explain the entire dead rising 2 time period, but if you want that just tell me. So, Chuck Greene, is my least favorite dead rising character. Sure, he may be cool and everything like that and that voice...but he does not have much humor, and I find him to be slightly cliche'd. However, i think that he has the best intentions of all the dead rising protagonists, Keeping his daughter alive. Now, Normaly i would not find this too interesting.......If Katey was not seriouslyww the only child we see in the dead rising universe and to get know of. and she's cool as her father. she's like 9 and she plays MEGA MAN on her game boy! MEGA MAN. Also, SHE. CAN. DIE. In a cut scene. how? If she does not get her Zombrex by 8:00am Every day, she'll turn. And The Cut scene where chuck finds out is just depressing!, So, Chuck Greene: not the Best Protagonist, But has the best intentions.
Top 10 Protagonists in video games (#10-9)
So, this is the first part of my 10 Favortie Video game main characters. You also can learn what I play in my free time, alsong with some backround. I decided to do this in parts, because it takes so long. The rules for my list are on the top.
FNaF Office Practice
Well, I had nothing to do, just for two options: play DeadRising 2 Off The Record all day, or practice drawing some scenes. So i decided to draw a sketch of a simple office, just doors, a blank floor, and a desk, all with no color. Then i decided to make boxes under that desk, then a closed door, a window, textured floors/doors/wall, a separate room, a transparent window, door controls, and then I decided to add get the idea.. I know that this is not the best drawing ever, but it is practice, and it's quite decent to get through in just about an hour.BUMPER CARZ 
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Welp, i'm going to do my 8 Nights comic that i announced, and so, perhaps expect a page every 1-2 week(s), or at least that's what i'm planning on doing, i'm going to try to make it as good as I can make it, so i'm still wondering, of whether to use my own FNAF pizzeria art, or use photos of the real gameFive Nights at Freddy's 2 - New Foxy Icon , or maybe a combination? I don't know yet. so, i'm going to give you a summary of what it's going to be about....without giving to many plots, basically my Dragon OC:golddragon: , My new animatronic OC, Practice + NEW O.C REVEAL! FINALLY!! Almost EVERY. SINGLE. FNaF Animatronic in ONE story line. The Purple Man, which is surprisingly good, (neutral, at the very least.) some SECRET OCS i'm saving for this comic, guy. it's probably going to be a bit for the first page. because i'm having trouble with my dragon. (dang hard snout...) so, that's basically it, well, if anyone wants a fan-animitronic in the comic, comment, so i know what to draw, because i'm welcoming it! Basically, this is my first comic, and the first thing to introduce some of my OC's personalities. so, alike i said, if you have any animatronics of your own, comment, and if not for some reason, that's ok too. just a question, because, i probaly can fit it SOMEWHERE. well, i've Got a lot of work ahead. basically, i know the story, but the art is the problem. well, i'm gonna get to art!


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